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What is the Chicago Veterinary
Medical Foundation?

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Chicagoland pet charity

The Chicago Veterinary Medical Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that works toward these crucial missions:

To deliver charitable medical care to pets by helping to fund veterinary services for animals whose owners cannot afford their care

To provide public education regarding animal care

To provide critical aid in animal disaster relief efforts

To provide scholarships to students in veterinary school to decrease their debt load upon graduation

We recognize just how important pets are to families, providing emotional support, opportunities for physical activity, and their trademark unconditional love. The CVMF supports pet families in need through the fulfillment of our missions and we're proud to also help veterinary students fulfill their dreams with lighter student debt after graduation.

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Funding for Veterinary Care

Financial hardship can happen to any loving pet parent, making it difficult to get life-saving care when their companion is in need. At CVMF, we are dedicated to providing a lifeline to these families. We work directly with family veterinarians to provide grants for essential and lifesaving care to help pet families experiencing financial hardship.

Public Education

The best pet parents are educated pet parents, yet many families don’t always have the opportunity to expand their knowledge. To help these families take the best care of their furry loved ones, CVMF’s partner veterinarians volunteer at community events where they provide ample education regarding pet healthcare.

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Disaster Relief

In a disaster, CVMF donates funds to provide relief for local pets and their families. These funds can be used to supply cat and dog food, find temporary accommodations for pets, provide medical care, and so much more.

Veterinary Student Scholarships

Veterinary school is a huge undertaking for many students, and securing funding to pay for their education can be a challenge. At the Chicago Veterinary Medical Foundation, we help select students to lighten the burden of student loans with scholarships. It is our hope that our scholarships will make veterinary school accessible to more students, no matter their financial situation.
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Our Core Missions

Charitable Veterinary Medical Care 

charitable veterinary medical care
disaster planning for animals

Disaster Planning for Animals

Education to the Public

education to the public
veterinary student scholarships

Veterinary Student Scholarships